What style do you call your own? What suits your taste?
It's your choice. Whatever you fancy, we can provide.

We offer a full spectrum of finishes from rich warm hues and satiny textures, to dramatic, solid tints. And our tasteful two-tone finishes turn table tops into dynamic centerpieces. For more details use the "Outdoor Lifestyle Our Finishes" link at left. In addition, many of our pieces offer specially tailored comfortable pillows and cushions. We have included a link at left to Casual Cushion, one of the nation's leading makers of high performance fabrics. Their fabrics offer a level of quality, strength, and a wealth of selection that matches our own. Once you've made a decision on which Outdoor Lifestyle piece you wish, simply choose a fabric from Casual Cushion and notify us. We will then use your fabric to add that final plush touch you've got in mind.